Empower Women in Kenya


The Armstrong Women Empowerment Center (AWEC) is a beacon of hope in a Kenyan village known as Rabuor. It offers three core programs for women, girls, and boys hoping to create positive changes in the local community.

At its core, AWEC plans to help local women learn employable skills including tailoring garments, sewing, weaving, artwork, decor mat making, and financial skills. With these skills, they’ll be able to eat at least three meals a day, attend school, and pay for other necessities.

To help address the cultural customs of rape, beatings, emotional abuse, and early marriage, the Gender-Based Violence Centre was started. It accommodates violated women and girls in Rabuor Village and helps them work through their experiences of violation while empowering them to stand up for themselves.

While the Centre is heavily focused on helping women and girls, there is a program for young boys called the Armstrong Sungura Boys Club. The club provides positive activities for young boys which keeps them off the streets and away from activities that can lead them down dangerous paths.

Eventually, the Centre plans to open a community library to encourage reading and learning among the entire village, particularly for people who are not ready to engage with Centre activities.

The Centre was started with a huge vision to create empowered and sustainable change in Rabuor, Kenya. In many ways, the Centre is still being formed, but the news is spreading and women are showing greater and greater interest in the positive changes they know are possible.

Grace – member of a savings group

Armstrong women empowerment helped us saving money for school fees

Pheobe – group leader of a savings group

AWEC helps women to live a self-reliant life